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PR vs Marketing: Everything you need to know

26 July 2021

In this busy media-consuming world we live in, millions of businesses reach out daily to their audiences in a variety of different techniques, hoping to hit just the right note that will eventually lead to a positive action (such as a sale). In marketing, it’s crucial to layer many different brand awareness practices into your business to get the best results, and your PR strategy can often be overlooked in all of this.

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5 top tips for a successful content marketing strategy

02 July 2021

Content marketing is an integral part of a business’ marketing plans, as a way to engage new and existing customers alike by providing them with valuable digital content such as blogs, videos, mailers, podcasts, e-books, social media posts and more. When customers are provided with valuable content, they engage more with a brand and business, and in turn, this can lead to increased sign-ups and ultimately sales of a product. If you’re looking to boost your content marketing strategy, here are five top tips to get you on the right track.

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Join our team

25 June 2021

Seren Global Media is a fast-growing public relations (PR) agency based in Swansea. It provides a range of communications and marketing services to clients across the UK and overseas.

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How to assess your brand’s digital marketing needs

21 June 2021

Let us begin with a definition: digital marketing is the promotion of your brand online with the aim of generating leads and converting viewers to consumers. Every brand needs a unique digital marketing strategy, but before diving in, it is important to evaluate your goals and requirements. This is where Seren Global Media can help. Here, we focus on four ways to assess what your brand needs before you spend time developing your digital marketing strategy.

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5 PR Tips for Business Success

14 June 2021

What if we told you that every successful company or brand had a successful public relations (PR) strategy behind them? Better yet, what if we told you that your brand could have a great strategy too? There may be no substitute for the range of services a PR expert like Seren Global Media can offer, but there are a few tools you can implement that can organically increase the contact you have with your audience.

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Using search data and analytics to improve marketing campaigns

28 May 2021

Search data, collected and examined using analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Matomo or Woopra, are used to investigate how people interact with a website or app. The resulting statistics are used in data-driven decision-making (DDDM) efforts, often to inform search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and larger-scale marketing campaigns – the last of which is the focus here.

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The SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021

10 May 2021

A simple Google search for face masks returns over 920 million web pages to peruse. On Bing, 87 million. Chances are, searching keywords for your niche brand returns numbers just as high – so it’s time to improve your ranking on the most popular search engines by avoiding the following common search engine optimisation (SEO) mistakes!

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How to successfully market a virtual event

19 April 2021

A virtual event can be a conference, webinar, meeting or class where the participants experience the content online. Due to COVID-19, these virtual events have become increasingly more important as in-person events have been cancelled or postponed. Virtual events give you, the organiser, the opportunity to get a wider audience involved as attendees don’t need to be physically present; however, without a successful marketing strategy, news of these events won’t reach them.

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The best social media channels for your brand

08 April 2021

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online, digital media has flourished, and social media is positively booming!

It’s almost certain that many of your competitors are already capitalising on this, so, if you aren’t already, it’s about time you did too.

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How to handle brand marketing through uncertain times

23 March 2021

It’s been a year since our world got turned upside down by Covid-19, and since then society has seen a whole variety of drastic changes as we try to protect each other and ourselves from the biggest collective challenge the world has faced. As a result, the way we live, shop and communicate with our favourite brands has also taken a seismic shift.

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