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Archive of: October, 2021

The benefits of social media marketing

29 October 2021

Along with a sharp rise in social media usage as friends and colleagues communicate, more businesses than ever are getting online and using social media to reach out to their customers, too. Here are just some of the ways that social media marketing can benefit your business.

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Why PR is essential to build your brand

18 October 2021

Trying to build your brand’s reputation online? Developing a PR strategy is often one of the first steps to growing your audience, with many considering PR to be the best way of communicating your brand’s values, outlook and identity to the public via a range of media outlets. There are many reasons why PR is important in your business marketing, such as developing important connections, building credibility and raising awareness of what your business offers. Here are just a few of the benefits of business PR.

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The reasons content will always be king!

04 October 2021

In marketing, the phrase “content is king” is often cited as the first rule to success, but many beginner marketers fail to understand the big question of why it’s so important to master content creation in your marketing strategy. With so many businesses battling it out online to gain attention, consumers can be easily overwhelmed with choice when seeking out the brand and service that really resonates with them. This is where content comes into play, as this is often your first impression when being introduced to new customers.

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