The reasons content will always be king!

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In marketing, the phrase “content is king” is often cited as the first rule to success, but many beginner marketers fail to understand the big question of why it’s so important to master content creation in your marketing strategy. With so many businesses battling it out online to gain attention, consumers can be easily overwhelmed with choice when seeking out the brand and service that really resonates with them. This is where content comes into play, as this is often your first impression when being introduced to new customers.

Whether it’s a blog, podcast, webinar, e-book, infographic or meme, these bits of content are what defines your company values, target market and the key messaging you want to communicate to your customer base. Here are five key reasons that content will always be king when it comes to marketing your brand.

Position yourself as the expert in your industry
People look to companies for certain solutions via their internet searches and social media browsing; whether that be guidance through articles, recipes or reviews, pure entertainment, insider news or the latest fashion.

If your content is original, informative and provides the reader with the benefits they came looking for, then it’s likely they will continue to engage with your brand and look to you for expert advice, and in turn, be more likely to purchase your products or services.

Improve brand recognition
Every time a person shares, retweets, or comments on a piece of your content, the reach of your brand increases as their friends and followers also see that communication with your brand in their news feeds. In the subconscious mind, they have now made a small mental note of your brand, even if they aren’t aware of it at the time.

Increase trust in your brand
Most marketing begins at the subconscious level, where consumers begin to see your logo, branding and company name long before they start to engage with your actual products and services. By creating shareable and interactive content, your brand is more likely to be spread around the online world, and in turn, will be introduced to a higher number of people regularly. After seeing your company around a few times, people begin to develop trust in your brand and are more likely to invest their time and money into your business.

Improves your SEO
Search engines, quite simply, love new content. If you’ve done some research into what makes search engines tick and how to boost SEO in the past, then you will already know that high quality and regular content is one of the best methods to boost your search engine discoverability. The more content posted on your website, the more keywords your site will be able to rank for. Getting the right density of the right keywords can mean appearing at the top of Google searches, but only if you continually create new content focused on what your consumers will be searching for online.

Content can be duplicated to a variety of formats
Different content formats appeal to different types of consumers, sometimes age-range dependent but also it can depend on the way individuals absorb information. Some people prefer watching videos, some prefer reading blogs and some need a step-by-step guide with visual aids.

The great thing about content is that one valuable and well-received piece of content can be duplicated to suit a multitude of formats. If you’ve created a recipe for your cookery website, this can also be copied into a video format, a blog post, social media story or picture post (such as a pin on Pinterest). This one piece of content now has so many more opportunities to be viewed by different types of people, who’ll all be looking at your company, too.

Regular content creation is proven to have a wide variety of benefits when marketing a business, but it can be time costly for a busy team with limited resources to create high-quality content. If you know your marketing needs a content boost, but are not sure how to approach this, we have the solutions at Seren Global Media to create a regular and effective content marketing strategy for your business.