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Archive of: August, 2021

Five PR myths you should be aware of

09 August 2021

Public Relations (PR) has many different forms, from communicating with the community through a stand-alone blog post to a fully-fledged PR campaign. At its core, PR is about curating relationships with the public, encouraging positive messages about your brand and improving the reputation of your services and products. Despite its importance, there remains confusion over the role PR plays in a business strategy.

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What makes your content newsworthy?

02 August 2021

If you work in communications, the question ‘what makes your content newsworthy?’ is one you will have asked yourself at least once – and probably more! The answer depends on fluctuating factors such as your target audience and the type of content; however, there are a few simple things to consider when writing and publishing any company content to check whether it is newsworthy:

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