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Archive of: January, 2021

5 essential video marketing tips

25 January 2021

In the past few years, video content has rapidly risen in popularity across social media platforms - partly due to the fact our mobile devices have advanced enough to allow us to stream content as we scroll, but also because it is clear that video content sells! If your marketing strategy is lacking impactful video content, here are our top 5 tips to sell with video.

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How Covid-19 has affected B2B marketing trends

11 January 2021

After looking back on 2020, one of the biggest phrases and themes for this year is the “new normal” we have all had to adjust to during this difficult year.

With this “new normal” stems the need for “new marketing” to keep up with the rapidly changing world - it’s time to change up your tactics in B2B marketing to get the right results in this uncertain climate. So many more people are spending increased time online and relying on online services following the pandemic, meaning your strategy needs to be strong to smash your competition.

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