The biggest challenges facing PR in 2022

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The landscape of the public relations (PR) industry is one that is constantly evolving, with more emphasis being put on digital PR, the industry is also trying to reset following the COVID pandemic which forced many companies to adapt their PR strategy.

One of the biggest challenges that the PR industry is facing is having to rebuild face-to-face relationships, which are so beneficial when pitching to potential clients, as well as when networking. The pandemic has created a more remote-based world, and face-to-face meetings have fallen by the wayside as a result of staff working from home and events being held online. Secondly, journalists are now seeing an overload of pitches due to the vast number of channels available to PRs. Whether that is email, text, phone calls, or social media direct messages, producing an attention-grabbing and interesting pitch email or press release is more important now than ever. It’s especially more difficult to reach out to someone you have no relationship with; therefore, your ‘hook’ must be that much more intriguing to pique the interest of the journalist.

Furthermore, the importance of clear creative content is ever increasing as an essential tool for businesses hoping to increase interaction with their client base. This means that the strategy behind producing engaging content is also a challenge. A company’s content has to benefit the consumer in some way, while also differentiating it from its competitors. The task for PR in 2022 is to create beneficial content that not only promotes a company’s values, products and/or services but is also trustworthy and interesting for the reader.

Additionally, the PR industry is becoming more result-oriented, which is expected to intensify as companies' return on investment metrics take the fore. Focusing on analysis and measurement means that strategies and campaigns are well-informed and tailored according to hard data instead of guesswork. Data from a study states that over 60% of PR professionals believe that measuring impact is crucial in today’s PR and communication landscape, and a further 67% believe that measurement and evaluation is crucial to ensure continuous improvement. However, this can be a challenge for PR professionals as some PR metrics are difficult to measure, for example, brand awareness.

The good news for PR professionals is that the value of great content is being embraced by companies, which bodes well for the industry. Ensuring that the content serves its purpose, addressing topics that will interest an audience and create a connection with them is how PR will remain an important tool as the industry evolves.

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