Launching our new training division: Seren Digital

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We are excited to announce that we have recently launched a new training division, Seren Digital, following the acquisition of significant contracts in the public sector.

Along with Seren Digital, we also unveiled our inaugural online course, focusing on the importance of businesses embracing a digital strategy and expanding digital marketing knowledge.

The course was born out of a surge in demand not only for businesses to embrace digital marketing, but for easily accessible online resources for both marketeers and company directors seeking to expand their knowledge and upskill from the comfort of their home or office.

The course - Digital Communications Made Simple - will be conducted via Zoom on Friday 23rd September from 1 pm – 3.30 pm, and is aimed at professionals, marketeers and company directors who wish to enhance their knowledge of digital marketing, public relations, and gain a better understanding of digital communications strategies.

Digital Communications Made Simple highlights how you can leverage digital communications to grow your business, with attendees gaining a new set of tools that will help them enhance their digital capabilities and the confidence to successfully deliver their organisations’ messaging successfully into the online world.

Topics that will be covered in the course include: researching competitors and discovering exactly who your service users are; devising an organisation’s tone of voice, brand identity and client relationships; exploring the role of blog content, social media, e-shots, and proactive digital communications management in a comprehensive digital strategy.

Grant Nicholas, Creative and PR Director at Seren Global Media, said:

“Access to quality online learning is an important step in helping people future-proof their skills and seek new opportunities for growth and development at a time where upskilling has seen an increased focus in society. We are hoping that our new online course will give marketeers and company directors the skills they need to implement a focused digital strategy that can become a lucrative revenue stream for their business.”

To sign up for the Digital Communications Made Simple Course, please click here.