What are brand awareness campaigns and why should you use them?

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Whether you have a multi-million-pound business or one that operates out of a garage, brand awareness is vital in order for people to know you exist. Without brand awareness, promotional campaigns can seem too “hard sell”, and with no brand affinity, consumers will often rather stick with a brand they know.

This is where brand awareness campaigns come in, where the primary focus is to present your brand in a memorable way and create affinity between the brand and its target audience. You can create a personable, relatable and desirable brand through this type of campaign.

What is a brand awareness campaign?

Brand awareness campaigns are typically used by start-ups in order to initially launch the business, as people haven’t heard about you yet, but can also be utilised in brand growth or when an organization has undergone a rebranding exercise.

These types of campaigns are also seen within highly competitive markets as a way of improving market position relative to competitors and give consumers a reason to consider other brands. Effective brand awareness campaigns can change public perception and increase interaction with your target audience.

A brand awareness campaign can incorporate many elements of the marketing mix, including PR, social media, and Pay Per Click advertising; however, the key is choosing the right tactic for your audience. At Seren, we can help plan your brand awareness campaigns so that they are tailored to your specific audience and budgetary needs.

Why use brand awareness campaigns?


This is the primary objective of a brand awareness campaign. If your business is relatively new, increasing brand recognition is imperative to expand your reach and visibility. It is vital that potential customers know that you exist before they can even consider your product or service.


Customers in 2021 are more likely to critically analyse brands; for example, whether your brand is environmentally conscious – does your brand ’care’? By having a brand personality that is embedded from the start, and is consistent across all forms of communication, it will build brand trust.

Brand Equity

Having a recognisable brand will provide brand equity as this is added social value to the product or service you are offering. A notion to think about: why do you choose Coca Cola over Pepsi?

Tips for brand awareness campaigns

Understand your audience

Knowing your customer market and where to find them separates the good brands from the great brands. This can influence the platforms and tactics that your brand awareness campaign utilises and can also influence the design and voice of the campaign output.

Active and engaging online

This seems like an obvious point to make, but in order to support brand awareness campaigns, whether using social media platforms or not, being as active online is essential. Creating a dialogue between your brand and your customers will amplify brand affinity and ensure your brand has a personable perception externally. Being engaging and responsive on social media will keep your brand fresh in people’s minds, and almost act as a digital shop window.

Track your results

Having achievable goals for your brand awareness campaign will ensure that the campaign can be evaluated properly, which is important in creating the strategy for future campaigns. The successes or failures of certain aspects of the campaign will impact how the brand operates moving forward, for example budget changes, choice of platform or tactic, and timing of the campaign.

What Seren can do for you

At Seren, we can aid with increasing brand awareness through PR, social media campaigns and more. With more than 10 years helping brands, our roots lie in high quality journalism combined with a deep understanding of media relations to offer bespoke, high-quality content perfect for the digital age.