Why an effective communication strategy is essential for any business

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“Communication is the key” is a common phrase in the business world - and that’s because it really is true! Without quality communication in all levels of your business, it can be difficult to advance your business to the next level and you may find yourself falling short on your expected customers and sales. Business is all about developing relationships, which means strong communication is a key component to your marketing. Here are some reasons why you need to start planning your communication today!

Making sure customers understand the benefits

Ensuring your communication is clear, precise and enthusiastic are the main goals when planning your strategy, as you want to let everyone know just how great your product is! Crafting your communication in a way where you highlight the key benefits, tell customers why they need them, and maintain an engaging and convincing tone throughout are key to communication success.

Use language your customers are comfortable with and get points across in short simple sentences to distil your message down to the most important points. Understanding what motivates and inspires your customer base is the first step to a successful communication strategy.

Keeping customers in the loop

Updating customers regularly on important news and updates is not only practical for a business but goes a long way towards strengthening the relationship with the customer. Falling behind on their online orders? The vast majority of customers don’t mind waiting an extra day for their order, as long as they are made aware beforehand.

A relevant and recent example of the importance of communication would be the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions. Those businesses with a strong focus on communication have been a step ahead recently with announcements of closures, re-openings, social distancing measures - all ensuring their customers are reminded of how important and valued they are to the business. Usually with an authoritative, but friendly and positive tone to keep their customers feeling they are being considered and held in high regard.

Getting on top of these issues and addressing them early can effectively maintain customer relationships and retain customers in the long term.

Showing customers they are appreciated

If a customer has provided useful feedback, work on this, and communicate your organisation’s thanks to them for their contribution to your growing business. Also, use your communication strategy to encourage more people to provide feedback. Encouraging feedback is opening up a conversation between your business and customers and will help customers to feel more involved and invested in your business as a result.

Regularly conversing with your customers slowly builds a relationship with them, and in turn loyalty to your brand. Overall, quality communication helps to retain current customers and can help to attract new ones through positive reviews and recommendations. Treating your customers as the top priority in your business (which in almost all cases, they are) will not only promote business growth but also gain your business a reputation of truly caring about their customer’s needs.

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