TOP 5 TIPS to get what you want from your PR company

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The PR Brief can be considered the most important document for any business to have when working with a PR company. They are designed to outline the specifics of what your business wants, when you want it, and how much you are willing to spend on it.

Here at Seren Global Media, we appreciate the importance of a clear and detailed PR brief. Therefore, we have compiled 5 TOP TIPS to ensure you are able to deliver a solid PR brief, helping us to help you achieve attainable and measurable business results.


  1. Know your brand
    You need to provide a PR agency with a concise overview of who you are as a business. Start with outlining what your company does and why it stands out from the crowd in your given industry. Including details of your current and past marketing activity is also key, in addition to highlighting industry competitors and what you think they are doing right and doing wrong.
  2. Establish specific aims and objectives
    Clearly show the PR agency what it is you want from them, and what their service will help you to achieve. Make sure your PR objectives illustrate success, explaining how your business will benefit. Clear specification of aims and objectives will help generate an initial strong “buy-in”, contributing to greater campaign commitment in the long term. The more specific your company’s aims are the more achievable and measurable they will be.
  3. Research and establish your target audience
    With any successful PR project, it is imperative that your business takes the time to consider and identify your current target audience, and whether your business is satisfied with it. You may want to make adjustments in PR to reach a new target audience, therefore researching prospective target markets is also critical. It’s a good idea to have a view of the kind of customer or client you are trying to speak to. The kind of language, channel and approach you use will depend upon who you are trying to attract. Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all in this instance, and no business can be all things to all people, so if your business is trying to appeal to a broad cross-section of society, a number of different approaches may be necessary.
  4. Establish a clear timescale for your PR project
    The best PR projects are always planned carefully. A project does not have to be rushed. Instead, it should take ample time to allow proper planning and development of ideas and messages. Your business must make sure to communicate effectively with your agency, clarifying a timeframe so the PR project can be executed accordingly.
  5. Allocate a Budget
    Clarifying what you can afford from the get-go is beneficial to both your business and the agency, and ensures that both parties have complete understanding around the financial situation, allowing the agency to develop a suitable PR project within budget.

    It’s important to note, however, that your PR brief is not set in stone and it can (and should) develop over time as you and your PR team find out what works most effectively for your brand.

    As you gain greater insight into how your business is perceived and who your core customers are, you can tailor a more sophisticated marketing strategy, developing a strong ‘tone of voice’ for all PR communications, allowing you to speak to your core clients in terms they understand. This is something which many companies overlook but is just as important as any visual aesthetics when it comes to creating a strong and unique brand identity for your organisation.

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