5 steps to creating a strong social media strategy

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How is your business’ online profile? As the amount of time people spend online increases, it’s more important than ever to have active social media accounts that stimulate interest and engagement.

Whatever your product or service, your customers are highly likely to look for it online, but capturing those customers often begins before they are ready to buy. By having a strong social media presence you can gain attention, promote customer loyalty and boost interest in whatever you are selling. Here are five steps to help your business have a strong social media strategy.

Step 1: Know your target market

This is important when creating your marketing strategy. You want to be sure that you are appealing to the market you’re aiming to satisfy. This is essential whether you’re a business targeting another business, or a business targeting a consumer. When we’re devising a social media strategy with our clients here at Seren, we sit down and establish their goals, asking the client what they want their social media to achieve. Reasons include increased website traffic or increased footfall if the client is a restaurant, for example. This can help us decide who to target on social media.

Step 2: Set SMART social media goals

SMART goals are:






If you follow this acronym when thinking of your social media goals, you will achieve real business results.

SMART metrics are very important when establishing social media goals, as these will help you establish what content is popular with your target market, and what isn’t. They will allow you to maximise engagement with your business, and you’ll be better equipped to target that niche market you’re after.

Step 3: Research your competition

It’s likely that your competitors will have social media accounts. This is a good thing because you’ll be able to see what works well for them in terms of engagement, and what misses the mark.

This will enable you to spot gaps in the market: perhaps some businesses are more prevalent on Instagram than Twitter, or vice versa. At Seren, we extensively research the social media of any of our client’s competitors, identifying what content works well and what doesn’t on each platform.

Step 4: Set up a social media calendar

Schedule your social media posts by setting up a calendar. This will ensure you never forget to post on your social media and enable you to reflect on past posts. This task could be given to a member of staff or an external source such as us at Seren. We are experienced at setting up social media calendars and posting as often as the client wishes.

Step 5: Be social

Social media has the word ‘social’ in it for a reason. You’re there to interact with other people and businesses. Comment, ‘like’, and share content from your followers. If potential clients or current clients praise your business on social media, reply to them publicly or send them a private message showing your appreciation. These personal touches will give you a considerable edge. At Seren, we take this seriously because we know how important it is for a client’s social media presence. Anything from liking a comment to replying to messages on behalf of our clients are positive actions which all add up.

If your business needs a hand with creating a strong social media strategy, hiring a PR company may be the best route to go down. The experts at Seren Global Media are happy to help with any aspect of social media management, from creating a calendar to managing your posts for you.

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