How to build and maintain client relationships

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More often than not, businesses focus on drumming up a number of new clients, rather than building on relationships with existing clients. However, having a strong, positive relationship with existing clients is extremely beneficial as it sets you up for repeat business. Also, it’ll make your business more attractive to new clients, as they can see that you treat your clients well.

Here are a handful of tips on how you can build a strong relationship with your clients:

Communication is key

This should be a priority, especially when it comes to Public Relations. It’s your role to ensure that your client is happy, and being available demonstrates that your client’s news and content is important to you

However, communication with a client should not be so constant that it encroaches on your personal time or prevents you from being productive at work.


No matter how busy or stressed you are at work, it’s important to show a positive and encouraging face to clients. If you complain about your workload or negatively respond to an idea a client has, then they may feel as though you’re not invested in them.

Enthusiasm and positivity are two traits that are attractive to clients, and will make them more inclined to work with you.

Personal relationship

It’s important to acknowledge that your clients are more than payslips – they are people. The extent of this personal connection will naturally vary depending on your industry and your client. It’s nice to show an interest in their lives outside of work to demonstrate that you care about their wellbeing. This will go a long way in terms of appreciation and building a strong, positive relationship.


If your client pitches an idea which you deem problematic, tell them. While it is tempting to be agreeable in order to avoid an awkward confrontation, remember that your client came to you for your advice and professionalism. By withholding your honest opinion, you could damage their reputation and your own. This honesty will demonstrate your initiative and desire for excellence, and will show your client that you’re engaged and carefully considering their ideas.

Exceed expectations

A key method of building a strong relationship with a client is to develop a reputation as a professional who delivers exceptional results. This doesn’t mean overselling yourself or promising unrealistic results, however.

Set reasonable expectations which you know you can achieve to an excellent standard. Sit back and consider your client – what would please them? Perhaps they would appreciate a detailed walk-through of what you’re going to help them with, or would be impressed with you hand-delivering the finished product or proposal to wherever they are based.

For loyal clients, showing appreciation at business milestones or special times of the year -such as Christmas – can increasingly strengthen your relationship.