Print marketing in the digital world: still worth it?

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There’s no doubt that we are entering a digital age. The internet connects billions of people across the globe, instantly feeding you content. If you aren’t already utilising the internet in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge potential client base.

For those of you that are already utilising the internet, it can become easy to ignore more traditional avenues of marketing. After all, if you can create a viral social media post, you have the potential to reach millions of people without any costs at all. Even on a smaller scale, with a good social media campaign you can reach a lot of people in your local area.

We’ve become used to being presented with a wealth of content online. Due to this, it can be easy to tune out things we aren’t interested in . How many of us have scrolled past a sponsored post on Facebook without really taking in what it’s saying?

When you post an advert into a magazine or newspaper, the audience have chosen that they want to consume that content. People reading print are much more likely to engage with what they are reading, as they have more control over what content they’re consuming. Print media is also easier to go back to when you want to read it again, whereas online media can be easily missed.

Print-based marketing also gives some credibility to your business. Anyone can post on social media, but if your advert is featured in a local newspaper or popular magazine, it gives a sense of legitimacy.

While you can target online advertising and marketing on social media, you may achieve better results by putting your adverts in dedicated publications. For example, if you’re in the construction industry, focusing on industry specific magazines means that all of the people reading are likely interested in the services you offer.

There are ways that you can use print advertising to encourage people to go online too. Printing QR codes and social media handles are a great way to get people to view your profiles, as well as have them to hand if they need them at a later date. It’s important that you use all of your marketing channels effectively. Don’t neglect one for the other. You’ll find the best result when they work in harmony.