Is your business using social media? Here’s why you should be

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Traditional marketing will always have its place, but in more recent years there’s been a rise in a new technique – social media marketing. This has opened new doors to reaching a much wider audience that can now engage with you in ways they couldn’t before. Social media should be a key asset in the promotion of your business – and here’s why.

Low cost

Traditional marketing and public relations techniques can be costly – a single advert on its own can set your budget back. If you are a smaller or start-up company, you may not have a budget that can justify these costs. Social media, in essence, is free to use. You do have the ability to share your posts to a wider audience through boosting, but these are small one-time costs that, hopefully, will only be needed short term. Even so, you don’t have to boost your posts to be successful in your marketing strategy, meaning that it can potentially be completely free promotion.

Brand awareness

With most of your potential clientele on social media, and the ability to share posts across thousands of people in a matter of seconds, you have a really good platform to increase brand awareness. People from across the world can see your brand and what you stand for. Of course, this isn’t as simple as setting up an account and reaching thousands of people instantly. A good social media strategy needs to be in place to reach your target audience – something we can do for you.


The USP of social media is the ability to engage. A newsletter can be a great way to update your customers, but there’s no room for feedback. Active social media can provide a “face” to the company – be wise in your responses to comments and messages. These can really present the vision that your company has and the values you work towards, so use this engagement to your advantage. After all, nothing is worse than an automated response!

Measure success

With traditional advertising, the only way to measure success is through working out if sales have increased since the start of your campaign. Social media is much more instantaneous – you can see how many shares, comments or likes are on your posts. Of course, this might not directly correlate to sales, but if your goal is to increase brand awareness then this is a good way to measure it. If you keep sending out the same traditional advert, you may never truly know how well people resonate with it. On social media, you can see what people think and if things need to change.

Team it up

Social media is most effective when used in conjunction with other marketing techniques. For example, writing regular blogs will help to improve traffic to your site. If you share these blogs on your social media platforms, you can reach a much larger audience. By doing this, you’re using two techniques to improve brand awareness while driving traffic to your website.

If you think your business isn’t using social media in the way it should be, get in touch with us today and we can talk you through how you could gain more customers and increase brand awareness by using a tailored social media strategy