Inbound and outbound marketing techniques

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When trying to increase brand awareness, the marketing techniques you use are imperative to the success. Inbound and outbound marketing are two different things, but they aim to result in the same outcome. Inbound marketing, also known as content marketing, attempts to pull consumers in through content such social media. It’s created to pique consumer’s interests so that they voluntarily take in the information. Outbound marketing is what you may consider more traditional marketing. This is mainly through advertisements, which are harder for the consumer to ignore or avoid. Its aim is to push itself towards an audience. Both techniques have their advantages and we have laid out some ways that you can use both to promote a business.

1. Emailing lists

    A form of outbound marketing, we’ve all received a marketing email. Granted, often we ignore them, but a well-crafted email will engage of potential customers. Offering exclusive deals can be a good way to entice people to your business, as well as making sure that it’s eye-catching and easy to skim-read.

    2. Blogging

      This inbound marketing technique can be very engaging if done well. It’s a great way to show potential customers what your business’ interests are – whether that be the food industry, motors or beauty to name a few. Promotion is key to a popular blog, so make sure you’re pushing it on all of your social media platforms and using hashtags effectively to reach a wider audience. Consistency is important – set a day that you will post each week/fortnight and post at the same time to get the most clicks.

      3. Influencers

        In a world where digital media dominates, getting popular influencers on board can really help boost your business. You don’t need to find an A-List internet celebrity to be successful – a local influencer can help bring attention to your brand and may be more useful as they will reach more people closer to your business. Invite influencers to try out your products or services. The lines between inbound and outbound are blurred here. Fans of the influencer will choose to consume their content, however sponsored pictures and videos follow the conventions of outbound marketing. However, there are strict rules and regulations in place in regards to sponsorships so make sure to be completely transparent.

        4. Direct mail

          Leaflets can be very useful if they’re targeted to the right people. If you’re running a luxury car business, leaflets may not get much business in a student area. However, a local take-away may thrive in a student area. Find out who your target demographic are, find out where these people would live and target your leaflets to these areas. This is one of the more traditional forms of outbound marketing and many people will ignore it if it’s not eye-catching and instantly recognisable, so these will need to be cleverly made.